What is inside Afterburn Fuel

What is Inside Afterburn Fuel Supplement?

Here is what is Inside Afterburn Fuel Supplement Key Ingredients

  • Methylxanthine

Caffeine that’s coated in a substance so it digests slower
Gives you longer lasting, cleaner energy with no jitters or crash

  • Beta Alanine

You feel the effects immediately (tingle)
Increase production of carnosine (molecule responsible for muscle contraction and endurance)
Increases muscular endurance and removal of lactic acid
Helps in absorption of arginine

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  • Methyltyramine

Gives you more mental focus by affecting your neuro-transmitters

  • Citrulinne malate

Makes the redness in watermelons (natural)
amino acid
helps ATP
helps blood flow
Intensifies arginine and improves absorbtion

  • Vanadyl Sulfate

Has insulin mimicking effects
Gives you fullness in your muscles and stabilizes blood sugar
Gives you energy to work out even when your blood sugar is low (when you’re carb depleted)

  • Creatinol phosphate

An improved form of creatine
The problem with creatine is that you need a ton of sugar to transport it, which makes you fat and bloated.

Creatinol phosphate can be absorbed into your body WITHOUT sugar and carbs, reducing the fat gain and bloating from creatine. You get the muscle gaining effects without the fat gaining effects.
No loading phase necessary
Some people have digestive problems from creatine monohydrate, creatinol won’t give that to you

  • Arginine Alpha Keto Glutamate (AAKG)

A more potent form of arginine
5 grams of AAKG = 20 grams of regular arginine

Bad things Afterburn Fuel Supplement DOESN’T have
No sugar (only 5 calories per serving)
No aspartame
Naturally sweetened with sucralose
No banned substances — many pre-workouts have pro-hormones or other substances that will make you fail a drug test

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  • 1 3 dimethylamylamine (geranium)

No caffeine
No creatine monohydrate

Ingredients are much more concentrated so you get more servings from a smaller bottle, so it’s actually cheaper than it appears.

Other products have the same ingredients, but they’re only “sprinkled” in. Our Afterburn Fuel Supplement formula has more of the active ingredients.